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Clay SpawnEdit

A small Minecraft Mod which does one thing - it adds additional clay deposits underground and on the surface at similar depths and rarity as iron ore. No longer will you have to get your shovel wet, trying to get the slimy grey stuff out from riverbeds and shorelines (although you still can if you want, vanilla spawning hasn't been changed). Now you can search for it at almost any depth above and below sea level.

A useful addition in Pam's arsenal of mods, especially if you have another mod that requires you to collect a large amount of clay. Try Mariculture for example.


Image shows default MC 1.7.10 Textures with JourneyMap used for the Minimap


Image shows default MC 1.7.10 Textures with JourneyMap used for the Minimap

In MC 1.7.10, there is a small config file called 'clayspawn.cfg' found in your config folder with the single option :


By changing this number you can increase / decrease the amount of clay that spawns in your world.

Latest VersionEdit

Available for MC 1.7.10

How to Install
Installation Instructions

What this mod adds to Minecraft :

Block IDs = None, Item IDs = None, Recipes = None


Please Click HERE for Downloads

Older Download LinksEdit

Clay Spawn for MC 1.5.1 Direct link

ClaySpawn for MC 1.4.6. Clayspawn version 1.3

ClaySpawn for MC 1.3.2. Version 1.1

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