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Get All The SeedsEdit

Another small, but very useful mod from Pam. Get All The Seeds does, as the title suggests, it allows all vanilla (that is, all default Minecraft seeds) to be found by chopping down that pesky long grass that you can find everywhere - especially in Plains biomes, honestly, where's a lawn mower when you need one. Pumpkin seeds, Melon seeds, Carrots, and Potatoes can all be found amongst the grass - if you have the patience to keep looking.


Image shows default MC 1.7.10 Textures with JourneyMap used for the Minimap with a carrot and pumpkin seed I just found in the grass

What ! You don't have the patience ? ........ OK, Pam makes allowances for that to. In MC 1.7.x or greater, look for the file 'getalltheseeds.cfg' which can be found in your config folder, but only after the first time you have started up Minecraft with this mod installed, and you will find the following options available to you :


By changing any, or all of these options to a higher number, you will increase your chances of finding 'All The Seeds' that much quicker ... Woooo.

This mods main purpose is to make it easier to get every type of seed. Be advised, if you add another mod which adds new seeds (i.e. not original Minecraft seeds), unless that mod allows those seeds to be found in grass, then this mod will not add that facility (in other words, its not going to happen unless the other mod allows it)

Latest VersionEdit

Available for MC 1.7.10

How to Install
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What this mod adds to Minecraft :

Block IDs = None, Item IDs = None, Recipes = None


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