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Sandstone ShovelEdit

Using Sandstone is another way that Pam's DesertCraft increases your survival chances in the Desert Biomes. It also assist those of you who live just in the desert and no-where else. A full set of Sandstone tools can be crafted using any of the three types of Sandstone available in Minecraft (Chisled, Smooth, or just Sandstone).

Sandstone Shovel ss

Image shows default MC 1.7.10 Textures with me carrying my new Sandstone Shovel

DesertCraft's Sandstone tools (including Sword) are similar in durability to stone tools. The recipe for the Shovel is shown below


Crafting Recipie
1 x Sandstone + 2 x Stick = 1 x Shovel
Crafting GUI.png