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The page of the continued versionEdit

HarvestCraft 1.5.1

Simple HarvestCraftEdit

This mod adds five new crops and a wild bush to the game along with a variety of new foods.

Block IDs - 3500 through 3506

Item IDs - 4800 + 34

Config File - Yes


Base Version 1.1 (MC 1.4.6) Support Direct

Download Version 1.1 (You.Mother.3.0')Edit


You can find the new seeds by punching tall grass or by breaking a strawberry bush. You can also obtain seeds by putting a crop (including) strawberries into the top middle of the crafting grid. Pumpkin and melon seeds can now also be found in the tall grass as well.

2012-08-31 13.07.19

Crops can be turned into seeds on the crafting grid.

Pumpkin, Melon, Tomato, Potato, Lettuce, Onion, Carrot, and Strawberry Seeds

Strawberry BushEdit

2012-08-31 13.11.14

Strawberry bushes naturally spawn in the Minecraft world and on breaking drop either a strawberry or a seed.


The new crops grow like wheat except that they only have three stages of growth and may take a little bit longer time to grow. Also, these new crops drop 1-4 (most often 2) crops and no seeds (see the recipe above on how to turn crops back into seeds). This allows you to gather more food at once!

2012-08-31 13.25.12
Crop Stages 1 and 3 along with their associated drops. In order - tomato, potato, lettuce, onion, carrot, and strawberry.



Recipe ListEdit

Eggplant+Furnace = Grilled Eggplant

Tea leaf+Furnace = Tea

Juicer+Strawberry = Strawberry Juice (works with all ingredients)

Bread+Furnace = Toast

White Mushroom+Furnace = Grilled Mushroom

Corn+Furnace = Popcorn

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