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Wee! FlowersEdit

This mod of Pam's continues her theme of creating mods that grow plant and crops - in this case, Flowers. We are introduced to 14 new kinds of flower. For decorative purposes and also for crafting dyes, you can find them growing wild in your newly created world with this mod installed. They can be found in plains, forest, mountain, and hills biomes. You also have the added bonus of being able to farm these new flowers, and also to farm 2 of Minecrafts vanilla flowers as well. This is very handy if you have another mod installed that needs you to gather large amounts of vanilla flowers, for example the Mariculture mod, where you need vanilla flowers to get fishing bait. So, lets have a look at them .........

WeeFlowers ss

                                                                Top Row from left to right : Dying Shrub, Black Rose, (Minecraft) Poppy, (Minecraft) Dandelion
                                                                1st from Top Row Left to Right : Cyan Wildflower, Green Shrub, Purple Violet, Blue Hydrangeas
                                                                2nd from Top Row, left to right : Shrub, Pink Dasies, Grey Peonies, Wild Parsley Blooms
                                                                Bottom Row left to right : White Rose, Orange Poppy, Magenta Wildflower, Blue Chrysanthemum

All of these new plants can only be re-planted on dirt, grass, or podzol. Each one has a seed you can craft to grow more of them (including Minecrafts vanilla Poppy and Dandelion flowers), check out the box at the bottom of the page to find out more about each flower. You won't need any tools, all the plants can be broken with your hand in one punch. The Poppy and Dandelion have been included because you can farm them with this mod, even though theey are part of vanilla Minecraft. Pam has also added in crafting recipes to make flowers into vines that can grow on the side of your house.


Check out more about growing Vines HERE

The mod generates a config file after the first time you have started Minecraft with this mod installed called 'Weeflowers.cfg'. There are multiple options available :


By making the number higher, more plants can be generated.

Latest VersionEdit

Available for MC 1.7.10

Installation Instructions for this mod can be found HERE

What this mod adds to Minecraft

Blocks = 30 (Flowers), Items = 30, Recipies = 80


Please Click HERE for Downloads